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Cultural Intelligence, also known as CQ, talks about the potential of understanding different cultures and the behaviour elicited to accommodate the same.

When a company explores the possibility of globalization and localization, they are bound to face a few hurdles and difficulties, because differences do not end at beliefs &…

If you think that simply updating your website to English is sufficient for branching out and localizing, your job isn’t done yet.

English as we know it, can be used to converse in a region where it is not the primary language. However, when talking about areas such as the…

Machine Translation (MT) refers to a machine-based translation of content which is conducted through a fully automated software. Machine Translations provide a good point of reference for translators while translating text and considerably reduces their burden.


Localization is a very widely used marketing strategy in which companies adapt to customer behaviour and cultural differences while entering new markets. localization strategies help the companies define which markets to enter and what content to use to promote products in those markets.

Things to consider while localizing:

Language barrier…

Translation pricing refers to the determination of the rates/costs of translating content from one language to another. A firm or an independent practitioner may even have multiple pricing systems set in place depending upon the type of project!

Following are the various widely-accepted Translation Pricing systems dominating the industry:

The COVID pandemic has fundamentally changed the world and its working as we know it. People are thinking differently, living differently, and in many ways buying differently. Supply chains have been tested. …


With around 12900 stores in 42 countries, Dunkin Donuts has not only become one of the largest coffee and doughnut chains in America but it has become a well-known companion alongside Baskin Robbins and has managed to survive against competitors such as Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts is an American multinational…

To first understand localization, it is essential to know that localization is a far more complicated procedure than simple translation. It includes a comprehensive study of the target culture and community. …


India’s modern economic history starts with its independence in 1947. During British Raj, India became an industry for England which impacted India’s social-economic growth as under colonization’s India’s share in the world’s economy shrank to 24.4% in the 1700s to a mere 4% in the 1950s.

India has opened…

Loc N Apps

Localisation is the Future!

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