Cultural Intelligence and Localization

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2 min readNov 11, 2020

Cultural Intelligence, also known as CQ, talks about the potential of understanding different cultures and the behaviour elicited to accommodate the same.

When a company explores the possibility of globalization and localization, they are bound to face a few hurdles and difficulties, because differences do not end at beliefs & rituals.

The brand needs to pay attention to every detail when it comes to advertising the company in order to successfully win over the audience.

Being culturally intelligent will result in the target audience entrusting your brand, moreover, laying out a foundational base for the audience to be loyal to your brand.

So what are the different ways in which a brand can demonstrate cultural intelligence?

Curiosity and intent

The brand should be curious to learn about the cultures and the various aspects of it which influence the audience’s decision making. It needs to view itself from different perspectives in order to understand what is appropriate and what is not. A simple example of this is to localize your social presence so that the audience sees one as willing to go the extra mile!

Awareness of self amongst others

It is a daunting task to be plunged into a situation we have very little knowledge about. However, a good place to start at is finding facets which are similar to our own culture. The brand must play to it’s strengths in understanding the differences and similarities and the reasons for the same.

A clean slate

Localization is not a one size fits all process, hence known methods may fail to deliver. A clean slate, with no assumptions, allows you to accommodate your audience in a manner which is optimum and is necessary in understanding what will help the audience relate to your brand.

Awareness of your biases

It is common to see someone’s own culture influencing their decision making and actions. Hence, it becomes important to be aware of the same and also break away to cater to the unknown yet highly impressionable audience.

By Zoya
Team Loc-N-Apps

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