Top things to keep in mind while localizing your product

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2 min readOct 5, 2020

Localization is a very widely used marketing strategy in which companies adapt to customer behaviour and cultural differences while entering new markets. localization strategies help the companies define which markets to enter and what content to use to promote products in those markets.

Things to consider while localizing:

Language barrier: A company may be operating in different regions and hence might have to serve customers in different languages. In order to overcome this language barrier, it becomes imperative to understand the customer and alter products and services accordingly. This might mean changing the website’s language or even altering the product/service entirely to match the language specifications of a region. Doing this enables the firm to interact with local customers and develop a relationship of trust amongst them.

Meeting the demands of customers: In the highly globalized world that we live in, it has become important for companies to understand the challenges faced by their target market. Translating the product would just not be enough to gain a competitive edge. There must be constant product development going on and that too should be culture-specific. No longer does the one glove fits all strategy work.

Optimization for online users: Different regions have certain different popular media of communication in place. It is important to understand what is being used where in order to leverage them correctly. For example, in the United States, most of the messaging is still being conducted on text whereas, in India, more than half the population is resorting to WhatsApp. China, on the other hand, makes use of a rather unknown application called WeChat.

Improve Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimisation is the process of boosting the website’s engagement/traffic through optimization of search engine results. SEO localization focuses on adapting to the cultural preferences and social attitudes of a particular regional market. This helps instil faith of customers into the company. This includes translating the product in a different language and then conducting various SEO techniques in that particular language, such as Keyword Research.

While executing these points, a company should keep in mind that localization of products is all about understanding the customers and adapting according to their needs and wants.

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